5 pc Extending Marshmallow Hot-dog Roasting Forks

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Using a stick to cook over a campfire is unsanitary and gross. Traditional campfire roasting forks are too long to be easily transported and stored. Ditch them with these telescopic campfire roasting forks! They are made out of non-toxic heat-treated 304 stainless steel and feature an ergonomic heat resistant rubber handle to avoid burns. While fully extended, they are 33.4 inches (85 cm) long, ensuring that you are a safe distance from the fire while cooking. When shrunk, they are a mere 11.8 inches (30 cm), making them perfect for camping trips. These forks work great for cooking anything over the campfire, from marshmallows to hot-dogs. Includes 5 forks, a convenient travel bag, a FREE reusable waterproof match, and a FREE E-Book with 101 delicious camping recipes!

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