Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds/Headphones with Microphone

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Enjoy your favorite music in crisp and accurate sound quality without the hassle of a wire plugging into your phone! Especially useful for an active lifestyle where a chord gets in the way, or for anyone looking for a great pair of earbuds! 


  • High Speed Bluetooth Connectivity to any Phone or Device
  • In-Line Microphone for Phone Calls or Voice Controls
  • In-Line Controls
  • Magnetic Connector
  • Anti-Tangle Cable
  • Ergonomic, Sound Isolating Design
  • Comfortable Even after Extensive Use
  • Sleek, Stylish Design in 3 Beautiful Colors
  • Strong Highs, MIds, and Bass
  • Premium Sound Quality at an Affordable Price
  • Grizzly Gear Quality Guarantee

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